Adelson Recruits State AGs with Letter of this Law to Congress

Vehement gambling that is anti-online Sheldon Adelson is gathering state AG signatures towards Congressional action (Image: Bloomberg)

Sheldon Adelson has plenty of money to wage an one-man campaign against the spread of on line gambling in the usa if he wants to. But that money also makes the vegas Sands CEO a person of great influence, meaning Adelson can sometimes find himself in the company of powerful friends.

Gathering John Hancocks

That generally seems to be the case this week, as at least 10 state attorneys basic have signed onto a letter from Adelson asking users of Congress to take learning to make sure online gambling is unambiguously illegal within the usa. And that letter has now gone on to leaders that are congressional as well as both the home and Senate Judiciary committees.

The letter is among the first major salvos in Adelson’s lobbying effort, which seeks to make clear federal legislation to once again stop states from regulating online gambling on their very own.

‘Online gambling exacerbates problems linked with gambling addiction and now we’re proud to be working together with wide range of other states to deal with the matter,’ read Sheldon Adelson’s official letter.

The most AGs that are prominent the letter include Missouri’s Chris Koster, Nebraska’s Jon Bruning and sc’s Alan Wilson. The page was presented to the Republican Attorneys General Association year that is last Las Vegas Sands C