The GEYSER BLANKET is a fast, simple, and cost-effective method of saving up to 27% of your electricity bill in WINTER and SUMMER.

The GEYSER BLANKET consists of a polyester fibre insulation material, laminated with a reflective foil facing.

The essence of fitting a geyser with the Geyser Blanket is to minimize the thermal energy (heat) loss, thereby saving energy.
Geyser Blanket

Costs Savings

The essence of fitting a geyser with the Geyser Blanket, is to minimize the thermal energy (heat) loss, thereby saving energy. Eskom DSM supports the installation of Geyser Blankets.
Geyser Blanket

Energy Savings

In 2007 a 122,500 GEYSER BLANKETS fitted for ESKOM with a saving of 5.82 MEGAWATT (27% Saving)

Test compliant

The GEYSER BLANKET complies with all test requirements as per the CSIR Fire Tests, as well as the Moisture Absorption and Fungal Attack Tests conducted by the SABS.

Outdoor weather design

The Energyweb Geyser Blanket has been specifically designed and developed for South African outdoor use in the Domestic and Industrial Sector. This product is also recommended for indoor use.

Hand in hand

The Plumb-Easy Geyser Insulation Pack works hand in hand with the Geyser Blanket.

Easy to use

PIPE INSULATION works hand in hand with the GEYSER BLANKET. The Pipe Insulation is simply wrapped around the hot water pipes so as to keep them insulated and minimise the loss of heat and energy.

Exciting products

Other exciting products in the Plumb-Easy Geyser Insulation Pack range include the Radi-Therm Roof Insulation, Pipe Insulation as well as Solar Thermal Storage Tanks.


The Geyser Blanket is available national at most Hardware & Plumbing retail outlets.


Un-Insulated pipes results in major energy losses in any process. Energyweb has insulated steam pipes with colour coded removable tarpaulin covers to allow for maintenance operations. Energyweb has also done Insulation for cooling processes with radio-active process control to ensure process stability and optimization.


Bulk thermal storage especially Solar Thermal storage tanks can also be covered with the Energy Web insulation. Recently Energy Web insulated 140 boilers for Transnet as well as cooling tanks for NECSA to ensure thermal efficiency.


Industry is in a state of flux with pressure on optimizing process parameters and reducing costs. This requires continuous improvement to a more stable and exact process control. Thermal control in Industrial Processes contribute to substantial costs and becomes major focus areas in any cost reduction initiative or optimization effort.

Absolutely YES. The Geyser Insulation Pack consists of a pre-assembled kit, which includes all the components like buckles and strapping that is required to install a geyser blanket. The Geyser Insulation Pack comes cut into a pre-cut size blanket which can be installed on the geyser. Following the instructions in the brochure with detailed pictures and instructions, additionally there is also instructions on the YouTube site where there are videos available to show how a geyser blanket should be installed correctly.

For an unskilled person that installs a geyser blanket the first time, the expected time can be anything from 30 minutes up to an hour and a half. It also depends on whether the geyser is situated outside or inside the ceiling.  The Geyser Insulation Packs are sold in thousands through the hardware outlets nationwide which are all DIY installed products.

ENERGYWEB manufactures on behalf of SAFFER the PLUMB-EASY branded geyser blanket. The PLUMB-EASY geyser insulation packs are available nationally in most hardware and plumbing outlets.

The geyser insulation packs are typically in the shops that sell geysers and plumbing equipment like Builders Warehouse, Plumblink, Cashbuild and other Plumbing outlets like Dryers hardware and Chamberlains.  Should you wish to buy bigger quantities, please feel free to contact SAFFER.

The geyser insulation pack is laminated with an aluminum foil facing. The aluminum foil facing is a 100% UV resistant and does not absorb any moisture. If the geyser insulation pack is installed correctly using the provided strapping and buckles and tape, the geyser blanket will stay in place for the duration of the expected life of a standard electrical geyser which is on average five years.

If, however the geyser insulation pack strapping possibly comes loose and breaks, a new strapping can just be applied around the geyser blanket insulation to hold it in place and ensure that the geyser blanket continuous saving energy.

If the situation happens that the geyser bursts, the same blanket can be replaced onto your new geyser. Just instruct your plumber to install the blanket again onto the new geyser using the buckles and straps or new strapping material. In conclusion, for all practical purposes the expected life of a geyser Blanket on the outside of the house should be a minimum of about 5 years.

The geyser blankets sold in the hardware stores branded as the PLUMB-EASY BLANKET  is a universal geyser blanket which will fit most geysers 200 L size and less. On average,95% of the installed geysers in the market is however 150l geysers and the geyser blanket’s length is 1,75 meters and width 1.25 meters which can cover both 150L and 200L geysers.

For the 150-liter geyser, the additional length of material can be trimmed off using a scissor, and wrapped around the pipe as pipe insulation to reduce heat losses through the copper pipe and result in further electrical and energy savings.

It is essential that the brochure guiding the installer on the correct procedure for fitting the blanket, is used as there is a specific way of placing the geyser blanket onto the geyser. The 1.25-meter width is positioned around the circumference of the geyser, and the 1.75 meter goes over the length of the geyser.

In the tests done by the Western Cape University of technology on behalf of ESKOM, it was concluded that the most optimal amount of coverage for a geyser is 80% of the top part of the geyser. As long as the top 80% of the geyser is covered the maximum energy savings will be realized. The PLUMB-EASY geyser blanket has more than sufficient material to cover over 80% of the standard 200l electrical geysers available in the market (see installation brochure).

The geyser insulation pack saves energy by reducing the heat losses from your geyser, and minimizes the amount of times the electrical element switching on. The alternative benefit, is that the geyser insulation pack also assists the element to heat the geyser faster saving electrical energy.

In 2007 a total of 124,000 geyser insulation pack was installed in the Western Cape on behalf of Eskom. With this project, the Western Cape University of technology on behalf of ESKOM tested the result of the amount of energy saved by the geyser insulation pack. The finding was that the project saved a total of 5.8 Megawatts of energy and had a major impact on the energy reduction during this program.

The geyser blanket has also been tested by the SABS against all the roof insulation specifications, and passed. It also has been tested by the fire lab of the CSIR.

The simple answer is NO. The geyser insulation pack has been tested by the SABS and was found to be rodent resistant and cannot sustain life. However, rats will chew through virtually any material, including electrical cables to be used to make nests. The important fact being that rats cannot eat a geyser blanket which is a polyester fibre and live on the material.

NO…  The geyser insulation pack has been extensively tested by the CSIR on a special test developed by ENERGYWEB to prove that the geyser insulation pack does not support nor sustain a fire spread.

Should the geyser have an electrical short, and result in an electrical fire the geyser insulation pack will in fact partly smother the flames, and literally just melt away from the flame source. The material will not spread the fire- see the YOUTUBE videos on our channel.

A geyser blanket retails in the marketplace ranging from R280 to R350 and depending on the price paid the calculated payback period is between 4 to 7 months. This results in the remainder of the life of the geyser blanket saving you money every single month.

Should your geyser burst and the plumber comes to replace the geyser, all you need to do is to instruct your plumber to install the geyser Blanket on the new Geyser which will give you an additional expected five years of saving. The geyser blanket will not deteriorate in the roof, and hence will save you energy on multiple geysers with multiple fitments.

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