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The Five Reasons Why a New Ceiling Insulation is Needed

  1. Ceiling insulation insulates the house and allows for less heat to be lost through the roof of your home to the outside environment (weather).
  2. Ceiling insulation reduces the humidity levels indoors. Since it’s made of a special material (ceramic) the humidity in the living space will be kept low and the humidity in the air will be kept high. This will reduce the condensation levels which in turn will reduce humidity levels and the risk of the bacteria or mold growth that causes health concerns and can cause damage to your ceilings (especially if there are areas that are not insulated with a reflective material).
  3. Ceiling insulation provides a level of protection against future roof maintenance issues. Since the insulation will prevent the heat from going through your roof this also protects your home from further damage due to roof leaks (which are very common in homes in the US).
  4. The insulation material used in your ceiling insulation should help reduce the risk of the material getting sick or failing in the future. The insulation is usually a porous material that allows any dirt or dust to enter the material if it is not installed correctly thereby reducing the life of the insulation material.
  5. Ceiling insulation will also help to keep the area cooler as it traps more heat. This in turn makes your house cooler which will make you feel more comfortable and this will reduce the risk of illness as you can clearly feel the difference.

These are the five main reasons that you should install ceiling insulation in your home.

These are some of the main reasons why the insulation should be put in your home.

Installing the product is easy.

The product should be placed directly to the edge of a ceiling joist (the metal vertical supports inside your ceilings) to be insulated, the product should be aligned perfectly to a joist edge by a millimeter, and a joist’s edge should be perfectly flush with the edge of the ceiling joist (with a precision of a half of a millimeter). Once it’s done, you should see a new layer of foam or expanding foam being laid down (usually on top of the old layer).

The product has very little to no installation.

It is very low-cost to install. The product costs around $20-25 US dollars (depending on the quality of the product), and the installation should take around 30 minutes.

The finished product should be as smooth as glass.

If the ceiling insulation has a scratch or flaw in it, you should remove it before installing the next layer of product. This is because the product can show dust and lint when it’s being installed. If you see a scratch in the insulation, you shouldn’t put any more product on until you get a certified insulation technician to install your new thermal block insulation in your home.

The material is easily removable so you won’t spend a lot of time cleaning.

The thermal insulation is very easy to remove, even at high temperatures. All you need is a screwdriver (or a chisel if it’s bigger) and it can be removed just as easily as it was put in. If you see dust or lint stuck under the insulation, you should remove it as soon as possible to prevent fire.

These are the main reasons why new ceiling insulation is required. There are many others like them, but these are the most common.